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    trying to locate a temperature alert.

    Christopher marks

      There is an alert going out  saying


      Description:  Temperature Sensor 1

      Current Value:  59


      this is all the information i am recieving. i have checked Solarwinds webpage alerts and im not seeing anything that goes with this. What other areas should i look for to see why this alert is firing and where is it located at?

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          Adam Stephen



          I usually see these alerts in APM Alert for Hardware Sensor Alerts.  There are two pre-canned alerts that come out of the box.  If you check the Advanced Alert Manager you should see this alert as Application Hardware Sensor Critical and there is another for Warning.  If these alerts have been deleted then you would have to check if any of you alerts have APM.HardwareSensor as a value to trigger on.


          Hope that helps.  If you could provide screen shots I may be able to identify for sure.