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    Installing PAS into a Workgroup to remote SQL instance.


      I am doing a new installation of Patch Manager and while installing the PAS server I have ran into an issue with connecting to SQL. My installation gets to the stage wherre I pick an existing remote instance of SQL.
      The install wizard finds the SQL instance ok and asks for a SQL logon. I have tried a number of SQL logons that have sysadmin including the sa user but it returns an error :
      "The user account information is not valid. Either the user name is not valid or the password is not correct or the user does not have sufficent access to the remote SQL Server instance.
      Change the user name or password and retry.
      Error Code:
      checkservicesccountforremotesql LogonUser error code: 0x52e "

      have tested the account and passord by creating an ODBC connection so know it is correct.
      I am installing into a DMZ and servers are not in a Domain.
      Can anyone advise?