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    Custom Columns in NPM Manage Nodes


      I am curious if the ability is there to save the layout on the Manage Nodes screen in NPM.  We like to use the "Location"  field to tell us where the piece of equipment is physically located and I know we can click "choose columns" to add that to the view but it would be very nice if we could set or save that customization so that the next time we go into manage views, it will still show the "Location"  field.


      Is that possible?  Couldnt find anything about that in the product documentation or here on Thwack.

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          I assume that you are logging into NPM through AD group account. Unfortunately AD group accounts have that limitation. I already opened 2 cases about this to Solarwinds. The first answer was "It is by design" and the second answer to my last case was "The developers have stated as a bug" (Case #431564 - Bug Submitted). I don't think they know what they are doing .


          By the way if you need a workaround you need to use local user or AD individual user account. Your choice is remembered even if you log out then log back in. But that's not a solution for us anyway. There are lots of AD group users so it is impossible to create an individual user for every one of them. Because of this, my colleagues had bug me all the time.


          Since you bring back to my attention again I decided to make an idea for this. Please vote if you support.

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