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    Ticket Creation via HTML form?


      I want to put a simple form on our company's website for customer service comments/issues. And I want them to be trackable in WHD.


      So I've created a user named 'customercomments', and a request type also named 'customer comments' (ID=60)


      Now is where i'm getting confused. I want a simple form that just lets them input a name, email address, and the comment.

      I'm assuming the name and email parts will need to be custom ticket fields, but I cannot find ID numbers on them, so i don't know how they are seen?

      Also, I don't want the customers coming to the WHD ticket creation page, because there are too many tabs and ticket histories we don't want them to see.


      Does anyone have a way to make this work?



      Is there a way to submit tickets without being a WHD Client??


      If anyone has information, that would be fantastic.