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    LEM Questions.




      I just joined the community.


      In my organization, we have LEM 5.5.0.


      Scenario - I just installed the agent on my own computer via remote utility and It successfully added it.


      Issues -


      1 - I can't remove it through remote utility. However, I can remove it locally. Please advice why I can't uninstall with remote utility?


      2 - I removed the agent from my computer locally. And after I while, I see that it shows disconnected in LEM console. Why does it show disconnected? Shouldn't it show as 'Non-Agents' installed???



        • Re: LEM Questions.

          Not sure why you can't uninstall remotely. Does it give you any error messages?


          I've found that you need to manually delete the entry from the console when an agent no longer exists.

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