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    NPM configuration replication


      Hi folks,


      We run a number of Orion modules in our primary data center (NPM/SAM,WPM,NTA,VNQM). Recently we've started to investigate options for failover or complete redundancy for our Orion set up as we start to become more and more reliant on it. We have a secondary site which is geographically distant but with pretty good MPLS links between the two sites. We bought the FoE a long time ago but never successfully implemented it due to many reasons. Anyway, cut a long story short, if we were to look at an active/active independent Orion setup in our two locations, that would be monitoring all the same kit, we'd like to minimize the config work we'd need to do manually in the two systems. To be more specific, it would be nice to sync the following information between two active Orion systems:


      - Node information: node details, config, SNMP/WMI settings, custom attributes etc

      - Templates

      - Alert configs

      - SNMP processing rules


      So questions are these:


      - Obviously a lot of the Orion info is held in the database - but we'd have two separate systems with independent databases. Are there any files that we could replicate between the two systems to help sync the configs between the two? If there are, is it as simple as copying the file(s) to the secondary system?

      - With the templates and alert configs we can manually export these and import into the secondary system. But that's a manual process. Is there any way to automate this?

      - We've used the SDK a bit in the past - has anyone successfully used the SDK to export node config info from one system and imported it to another? Or other info for that matter?