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    On-Call Rotation


      What is the best way to set up a on-call rotation that has a Primary, Secondary and Tertiary?  Is there a way to set it up in a manner that when the primary changes that you dont have to edit the entire escalation policy every time? 

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          Can you describe what you mean by "when the primary changes"? If you want the system to send the alert to the on-call person on the secondary calendar, just remove the person from the primary calendar and it will automatically use the secondary calendar. Here is how you would set it up:



          I then generated an alert and watched it go through the system properly. (I adjusted the escalation time from 20 min to 1 min because I don't have that much patience)


          I then deleted admin from the primary on-call calendar and then sent another alert.


          Notice the system immediately escalated the alert to the secondary on-call calendar assignment.

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