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    outrageous file size growth


      We are constantly having to go in and delete the files named "ql23001" and "ql23002" off of servers that we have the SolarWinds Storage Manager client loaded to. We have seen these files grow as large as 6 - 7 GB in size. We opened a case with SolarWinds back in 2011 and was told this was a bug that would be fixed in later revisions. The "fix" is to delte these file. SolarWinds will recreate the file again as it collect performance data on the Qlogic HBA's. This does not happen on ALL of the server with the Qlogic HBA's so we really don't have any idea on how to stop this from happening. I was just curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue and if you have found a solution?

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          I remember this from yeeeeears ago.  The bug isn't on STM's side unfortunately.  If I remember correctly, the bug was on QLogic's end, namely when monitoring the HBA via WMI (which we are doing).  Support is correct in that the workaround is to remove the files.  If memory serves me right, those files are memory dumps, and they get dumped into the directory of the process that is causing it (which we are that process).


          Of course, google is not backing me up on this one.  I would make sure all firmwares are up to date or perhaps put in a call to QLogic on this one.  Sorry, I hate being the ISP that blames the cable company, but that's sorta the situation we're in here.