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    Using a scanner for asset inventory


      Hello; I'm looking for any feedback on what equipment and processes are being used to scan assets into inventory. What apps are you using (iOS, Android, other)? What process do you use to get the scanned items into WHD? What works, what doesn't?


      Any feedback is much appreciated.

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          Vítězslav Papiež

          Hi Justin Gray,


          Process of putting the assets into the invertory is pretty smooth and straightforward. First of all admin defines the range of IP and then schedule the job o run Discovery and Collection immediately. Discovery tries to connect to assets by login and password and Collection collects the data from assets and create records in WHD. We are using some in house libraries. Asset discovery is able to find just MS Windows.


          Let me know if my answer is ok.

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            I used a barcode scanner and excel to fill out our inventory on WHD. Just scan the serial number and autofill all the fields that are identical. It's going to be time consuming if your assets are already deployed and scattered though out your buildings. I've been moving all of our inventory into WHD for at least the past 9 months, you'll keep finding stragglers you missed.