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    Issue with Report Not Updating


      I have a report that we use to see up and down times that was written in report writer. The issue I have is that it will stop updating the information into the report. If I manually run the SQL query I get the blank entries as well. Once I restart the server then it starts working again. Anyone have any ideas why this happens?


      The query is:




                (SELECT TOP 1


                 FROM Events AS Endtime WHERE EndTime.EventType = 52 AND (Endtime.EventTime > StartTime.EventTime)),





      FROM Events StartTime INNER JOIN Nodes ON StartTime.NetworkNode = Nodes.NodeID

      WHERE (StartTime.EventType = 1) AND (StartTime.NetObjectType = 'N') AND

      eventtime between dateadd(day, -7, getdate()) and getdate()

      ORDER BY EventTime DESC, Nodes.Caption ASC