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    Action Rules to trigger Tasks


      I am trying to set up Action Rules to trigger tasks for new employee setups.  How can I get the user name into the task from an updated work order that triggers the task? The task will create several new work orders for the same user.

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          This is one of the huge holes in my opinion.  A ticket should have the ability to have multiple assignments instead of individual tickets for each task.  For a new employee we have 10 different tasks to 10 different areas of business and it doesn't make sense to have 11 open tickets for one new employee.  SW's recommendation is to use the approval request automation for this.  Granted its all on one ticket but only one goes out at a time and its confusing when Facilities gets an approval request for a new employee.  I have to make sure everyone involved (and that a lot) know its a tasks and not an approval request.