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    Windows Machine Automatically Logs Out Users


      I have installed the LEM host agent on a few Windows machines.  However, there are times in which I will get automatically logged out for no reason.  If I try to log back in, I immediately get logged out again and a reboot of the machine is required in order to get onto the Windows machine again.


      Has anyone else experienced this problem?  Our server administrators are hesitant to install the LEM host agent if a reboot is required on a production server to fix this issue.


      My company is currently using the LEM 5.5 appliance and Windows Agent Installer is 5.3.1.

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          nicole pauls

          This seems unlikely - if you don't have any rules in place on the LEM appliance that log people out, the agent wouldn't do this on its own. The only "offline" policy in place is related to USB devices, so that shouldn't cause a reboot either. I suppose a remote possibility is some kind of conflict with anti-virus, but usually that prevents the agent from running, rather than causing other weird behavior.


          At least to confirm for you, we have NOT had other reports of this, and we do have a LOT of agents out in the field.