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    Move Up files but keep folder


      Hello All,


      I am testing out the functionality of FTP Voyager prior to purchasing it and have run into an issue that I hope you can help me solve.  The end result that I need is to have a watched folder where it will automatically upload any file to FTP that appears in a local folder, and then afterwards, delete the file from the local folder.  I believe that FTP Voyager Scheduler is the way to go for this.


      I am currently experimenting with the Move Up action in FTP Voyager Scheduler.  The problem that I am running into is that it is moving up my entire folder and the contents, when I want it to just upload the files.  I tried putting a wildcard (JTSD*.txt) in there thinking that it would only grab my files, which all start and end with the same characters.  Unfortunately, it takes my entire folder and moves it instead of just the files.  The problem with this is that I have set permissions on this shared folder so that it will receive files from another application.  If the folder disappears, then it breaks my functionality and I have to recreate my folder again.  How can I get this to work the way that I want?


      I have also successfully set up FTP Voyager Scheduler using the Synchronize Remote Folders action.  This method kept the existing file, but would upload it again if the original was removed from the FTP site.  This would work fine for me if I can get it to delete the file from my local folder after it is uploaded so that it will not upload it again if someone removes the file from the FTP site.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.