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      I am very new to Solarwinds and have recently added some basic transaction monitors to monitor some of our websites.  The monitors call up a url login using user credentials and then generally navigate around the sites.  I have recently added these and they were all working perfectly.  Recently I have renamed the monitors (calling them the name of the url to make alerting easier) and since I have renamed these all of them are now saying 'Not Played Yet' and are greyed out.  I am struggling to see why this is the case!

      Can anyone advise


      Thanks in advance


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          Hello Daniel,


          Any modification made to a recording, including renaming, will result in change of transaction status to unknown. The WPM works like that, becouse the recording could have been changed in such way, that previous results may no longer valid. Nevertheless, with the next poll, stutus will be updated. When, depends on playback frequency of the transaction.

          Is it still an issue for you? If your problems still last, you can try restarting your WPM Player service. It might help.



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              Hi Zdenek


              Thanks for the quick response however my problem does still exist.  The frequency of the transactions should be every 5 minutes but they are still grey.  I looked on the server and cannot find a WPM Player service on the box so cannot restart it.






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                  Are you still experiencing issues?  If so, a couple of suggestions:

                  • You can restart the service with the Orion Service Manager.  If you haven't used this before, it's installed under the Start Menu under SolarWinds Orion on the server where yo have WPM installed.
                  • If that doesn't work, at this point I would recommend opening a Support ticket.