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    how to change the time in an SQL report


      I am using the following sql query that I got off of the thwack site to report on which nodes are in a unmanaged mode. The time is off by 5 hours. Solarwinds tech support says that the reason is that I am in Central Standard time GMT-5, and the sql tables are in UTC time. Can some "sql report writer guru" help me with this. The following is the query that I am using. The query works fine, but again the times are wrong. If I input 8:00 AM, this query will show 1:00 PM.


      Nodes.Caption, Nodes.UnmanageFrom, Nodes.UnmanageUntil, Nodes.StatusDescription
      Unmanaged = 1 or unmanagefrom >= getdate()
      BY 1 ASC, 2 DESC