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    Customised View hyperlink  - trying to bring in Node ID number


      I have created a specific high level LAN map showing WAN routers for a number of sites. I have created a customised view for when each of these nodes is displayed showing  specific charts and details which is different to the standard Node Detail screen.


      My issue is that I can make this happen by manually updating the hyperlink to be



      where N:nnn is the Node ID for the object.


      I want to amend the hyperlink to pull in the Node ID from the selected node object so I can just cut and paste the same line into each of the node hyperlinks without having to amend each number individually.

      I have tried amending to netobject=N:${NodeID}  , netobject=N:${ComponentID} and a few other variations without success. These just return 'Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation' error.


      Please can anyone point out where I am going wrong?