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    NPM Routing Monitoring/Alerting


      I've had several days now to play around with the new Routing monitoring in NPM 10.5.  I wish I had time to have participated in the beta, I have noticed some issues.  Great addition to the product, but it's not quite there just yet.


      1. No ISIS support, which is our IGP in 95% of our network.

      2. IPv6 neighbors either show up as "" (I think), or an odd IPv4 neighbor IP that is not even configured on the router.  In addition, many routers are not even showing IPv6 BGP neighbors, though this could be due to the router not supporting the MIB that Orion is polling.

      3. Alerting leaves a little to be desired, as I cannot seem to get a decent status of "Up" or "Down".  Using the variables to report status, I get, "Neighbor status is 2" or "Neighbor status is 1".  I've tried using the "Change Parser" and no change.

      4. Even the AdminStatus, OperStatus, and Status variables don't seem to be correctly reported.  For instance, to test, I shutdown a neighbor manually on the router and here's what I get as an alert for that router (that I just performed the shutdown on):


      Admin Status: Up

      Operating Status: Up

      Status: Up

      Orion Status: 2

      Routing Neighbor URL: http://orion-server:8080/Orion/View.aspx?NetObject=NBR:1


      I would think that the Admin Status would be 'Shutdown', while the Operating Status would be "Down" and the Status as "Down" or "Shutdown".  In addition, clicking on the "Routing Neighbor URL" takes me to the device that is reporting the downed BGP session, not the neighbor device as indicated in the "Routing Neighbor" part of "Routing Neighbor URL".

      5. Additional vendor support.  I don't know how possible this is, since some vendors do not use the standard BGP or OSPF MIBs for reporting protocol status.


      All that said, I do like the new feature and I think it's a good start.  I love the flapping routes monitoring. mp