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    Additional Alert Central Requirements

    James Tewes

      Can i please ask whether the following is coming in the product if not could i request them.


      1) User Alerts - The ability alert via email for low/medium priority alerts but email/sms for high priority, i would like SMS alerting but not for every ticket that comes in and there does not seem to be a way of stipulating which ones send an SMS alert only based on the user.

      2) Escalations - It appears you can only escalate to someone in the same team not someone from another team ,for instance you may have a windows/network/san etc teams and then a management team. We would need to be able to alert someone in the management team if a ticket is not acknowledged say within 60 mins (The only way i can see to do this would be to add management people to other team groups but then they will receive other emails also which i would not want)

      3) Alert Central Update - Would it be possible to check the solarwinds site directly from the appliance and update rather than downloading and ISO and updating from that. Is there a email list that can be subscribed to to receive emails when new versions are available?


      Existing Bug


      If i add a person on call for the day and set this to be re-occurring every day it only lasts for 24hrs, i have upgraded to the latest beta but this is still happening?