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    Config files available via NCM


      I am looking for a way to do searches in the downloaded running-config files using the SDK but so far haven't succeded.

      Any suggestions?

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          The current version of the product does not support this, but the beta of NCM 7.2 does. In NCM 7.2, you can search configs using the Cirrus.ConfigArchive.ConfigSearch verb. It takes seven parameters:


          1. Search query (string)
          2. Config type (string) - like "running" or "startup".
          3. NodeIDs (string) - either the empty string (to search configs for all nodes) or a comma-delimited list of NodeID values to include in the search.
          4. MatchWholeWord (boolean)
          5. SearchOnlyMostRecent (boolean) - true to include only the last downloaded config for each node; false to include history
          6. StartTime (DateTime, optional) - If you want to search a particular date range, specify the start time. To search configs from any date, just send null.
          7. EndTime (DateTime, optional) - The other half of the date range filter. Specify null for the EndTime if you want to search all configs from StartTime to the present.


          The return value is an array of ConfigID values. You can query Cirrus.ConfigArchive to get the text of the config. Like this: SELECT Config FROM Cirrus.ConfigArchive WHERE ConfigID = '7d11d600-63d2-426b-a28c-793e2341f142'