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    Edit Navigate to


      With v2.0 shouldn't we now be able to edit the "navigate to" fields?  Maybe I am just hungover or something but every time I right click on any navigate to my edit is grey'd out.  Id delete and recreate that step and everything below it but then I lose the history and I will have maps that need to be rebuilt.  What am I missing?  More black tea?



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          Hello Bahlkris,


          I'm afraid that this is currently not supported. The navigate action is in most cases only kind of a placeholder, the only navigate actions which actually navigate to a specified URL are those that are recoded when you enter an URL in the recorder. The rest of the navigate actions which are recorded when you are browsing a website are not performing navigation, because the navigation itself is triggered by a preceding action (e.g. click on button, click on image).


          Also in case that you move a website to a different domain it affects not only the URL to which you are navigating, but in most cases elements on page are affected as well (changed attributes, etc.) this could actually cause imminent failure of the transaction due to some elements not being found on the page.


          If you want me to I can add a request for this functionality to our internal tracking system, or you can add this request to the Web Performance Monitor (formerly SeUM) Feature Requests page.