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    Timezone Bug

    James Tewes

      I have come across an issue where the time zone does not set correctly, if i edit a user the time zone as can be seen in Pic 1 show Greenwhich Mean Time however once i click update it then changes to iceland as per Pic 2. I am currently running release, i notice 1.1 is in beta but there is no mention of the timezone issue, is this resolved in this issue and when is it to be released? Also would it be possible to enable you to be able to set which server to use for NTP as from the main appliance console there appears no way of doing this? Thanks


      Pic 1


      Pic 2


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          We will investigate this.

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              did this ever get resolved?


              what is the correct timezone to select for the UK?

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                  The "Iceland" is the internal identifier of the timezone "Greenwich Mean Time" in Alert Central (which is incorrect): we have identified an issue with handing timezones - we are tracking the issues in our bug tracking system.


                  For UK you need to use the "Western European Time" - it has daylight saving time ("WET" will be displayed in user profile "my account" page). The "Greenwich Mean Time" is not good for UK, because the identified issue (it is the "Iceland" timezone which has no daylight saving).

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                I've had the same experience, I'm struggling to set the timezone for most of my staff in EST


                Edit User: Eastern Standard Time

                View User and Calendar = US/Michigan


                Edit User:  GMT-5

                View User and Calendar = Etc/GMT+5


                My workaround to set Eastern time:

                Edit User: GMT+5

                View User and Calendar = Etc/GMT-5


                I'm running Alert Central v1.1.6

                I'm in the Eastern Timezone

                I have my timezone set correctly to US/New York via the console

                ...this timezone disconnect is impeding me from bulding out an oncall schedule, which is quite frustrating!!