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    Adobe Reader Updates


      I'm having some problems wrapping my head around how to proceed with this. I am updating my clients with Adobe Flash successfully, so I know all of my infrastructure is working.


      Goal: to keep Adobe Reader updated on my clients.


      I am subscribed to the Adobe Reader updates offered through the SolarWinds Update Catalog.

      The newest Adobe Reader version is Unfortunately, this is a full install, so after publishing it will install Adobe Reader on clients that don't have Adobe Reader installed at all.

      There is no "Upgrade" version of the this version. The last "Upgrade" version listed is

      I'm not sure how to proceed to keep my clients on the latest version.

      It appears my choices going forward are as follows:


      1. Further fragment my WSUS environment by creating groups that reflect whether Adobe Reader is installed or not.

      2. Create some custom third party update. I have no idea where to even start with this, and frankly I bought patch manager so that this would be automated.

      3. Publish the available upgrade version (, and rely on the built-in Adobe patching mechanism.


      All 3 options give me a negative perception of this product, as they either add to complexity or negate the usefulness of the Patch Manager product.


      Is there another option that I'm not seeing?e

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          There's a few way's you can go about upgrading existing installs of Reader. You can create a package for and deploy the .msp updates which will only be applicable to existing installs, you can duplicate and modify the current full install package to prevent new installs by adding a reg key or file check, or if you use an up to date msi administrative install point you can create a package that has a reg key or file check which if successful uninstalls the old version and installs the new version. Each method has it's advantages and disadvantages depending on your environment.


          Unfortunately I've found that almost every third party update needs some type of customization to fit in my environment, but once you initially work out the customizations it is quite easy to update the packages when new versions are released.


          This product really is quite powerful once you begin building your own custom packages but if that function were not available or as flexible I would have almost no use for the provided packages.