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    Solarwinds best practice


      I'm hoping someone in the community may know the following answer. Currently we utilize Orion as our main monitoring tool for our entire network. We are monitoring close to 10,000 items and we are looking at adding another 10,000 - 15,000 items to Orion in the near future. We only have a single Orion server with a single database server currently with roughly 500GB data. We syslog everything from our firewalls.


      We are looking at implementing LEM as a syslog solution to offload from Orion, what are some of the best practice guidelines for Orion and LEM. Should we running dual Orion/LEM servers, there isn't too much info inregards to LEM installations. Any help would be great.


      My idea was to implement two LEM virtual appliances, one for our servers and one for our network devices so that it offloads the database, and then a single Orion server just to deal with the monitoring of all our devices.