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    Best way to use Network Discovery


      We have a 500 license for both NPM and NTA. This will cover all our switches, routers and wireless access points over 19 subnets.


      Obviously there are lots of other devices on the network that we don't need to monitor.


      What is the best way to scan?


      A full scan of each subnet and select what we need?


      Within each subnet we have allocated a range of IPs for PCs and printers. Do a scan of just the ranges within each subnet we need?


      Just wondering what is the best and quickest way to scan when you don't want to monitor everything.




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          Best way to scan is to have a separate network range for your network devices, that way it will only discover devices you're interested in. If your network devices are just mixed in the ranges with computers etc, then you'll have to scan the whole range. But once you've done a scan, tick all the all the devices you're not interested in and then click on Add to Ignore List. That way it won't scan them again.


          Try to have your network devices separated from the general devices. It will make live easier. You could either have a dedicated range(s) or reserve the last 20 IP addresses in the range for network devices.


          Hope that helps.

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