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    Imported Node into Orion from Perl but it does not appear in Manage Nodes


      I used one of the sample scripts from the SDK that was provided.  I successfully added the node, I can see it in the database itself and in my listing of nodes in the "All Nodes" tree on my SW Home page.  This issue is then I go to Manage Nodes in Admin > Node Mangement > Manage Nodes.  Any node I add from perl does not appear, see screen shot:




      Note that I did not assign a vendor hence the Vendor showing up as unknown.  What property am I missing that would allow me to see a node here similar to one added from the GUI?


      My code... Its pretty much just what was in the example aside from username, password, ip addressing stuff I removed.



      use SW::InformationService;

      use SW::Orion;

      use SOAP::Lite;



      my $hostname = "xx.xx.xx.xx"; # fill in a hostname

      my $username = "username";

      my $password = "password";



      my $endpoint = "https://$hostname:17778/SolarWinds/InformationService/v3/OrionBasic";

      my $swis = SW::InformationService->new();



      $swis->proxy->ssl_opts(verify_hostname => 0);

      $swis->proxy->http_request->authorization_basic($username, $password);



      # Example of Create operation: Add a new node.

      # Important: This is just an example of how to call Create operation. List of properties

      #   is not complete and needs to be filled in with valid values.

      # See 'Orion SDK.pdf' for more details on how to properly add a node.

      print $swis->Create('Orion.Nodes', {








      To add a little mode detail I am able to search for the nodes I added as well named "TestNodeFromPerl", was able to find them via a search. 


      After a little more trial and error and messing with the database I learned a little more about whats going on.  What I'm looking for is the set of tables or objects I need that will mimic the process of adding a node similar to the GUI to get the full functionality.