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    NetFlow Interface Details - Total Transferred Bytes Applet


      When I choose direction of traffic this graph shows equal values in received and transmitted strings and doubles traffic value. To see correct value I should unckeck on of the boxes below graph regardless of traffic direction.


      Ingress traffic:




      Egress traffic:



      When I choose traffic graph for both directions in strings below it I see correct values of ingress and egress columns. But lines are showing double value again.


      Both directions:




      My questions are:


      1) Why do I need "Transmitted" string in ingress view that doubles value of "received" traffic. And in the opposite case "Received" string for ergess traffic? It is not comfortable to unckeck one on these strings to see correct graph every time.

      2) Why in view for both directions I see two strings and two columns for IN and OUT traffic with the same values? And again lines on graph shows double value untill I uncheck on of the directions.


      I suppose it would be better to show only one direction for one way traffic by default. And in both directons view see different graphs for IN and OUT traffic, not the doubled whole amount.