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    Group Switch Ports

    Bryan Marks

      Hi Guys


      We are using NPM to monitor our switch ports for network traffic. There are some ports that are significant in that we run trunks of of them, some of them are server ports or our internet port. I'd like to put all of those ports into one view so we can see whats happening on those ports.

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          Its possible, but not out of the box.  You will need to create a custom property, and assign it to each interface, then you can run your reports/view based on this properly.


          I tend to do this to flag the Telco on my T1's.

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            If you are talking about just a page view in Solarwinds, you can do the following.


            First add a common unique word to all the interface descriptions you are interested in seeing on the view

            Then create a Summary view page.

            Add in 'Percent Utilization of All Interfaces" into your view.

            Open up the Page and click the Edit button on the Percent Utilization of All Interfaces window.

            Then in the Filter Nodes (SQL) section add in a filter to look for all the interfaces with your unique word in them e.g.

            interfacealias like '%unique_word%'

            Click on Submit and now it will show all the interfaces with the unique word in the description on the one page.