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    Dynamic SWQL filter based on URL link?




      Is there a way to build a template view with a filter based on a URL variable?


      Today we have 70 sites in Europe. I would like to have a view per site. This view should show me the resources

      - Global Application by Status

      - Global Last XX Events

      - Global Node Status by Site


      Based on the custom property "City" I use the filter "Node.CustomProperty.City Like 'XXXX%'" to limit the view to the necessary nodes. As result I have to create 70 views now. New site, new view.


      I ask me if it will not possible to get a more dynamic filter which receives the filter value from the URL. Than I have only to adjust the link to the view instead of to set the filter to every resource per view.


      Something like this:

      URL http://solarwindseoc/Default.aspx?viewId=3003&UseCaching=True&FilterVar1=XXXX


      Filter: Node.CustomProperty.City Like %FilterVar1% 


      Or is there any other option already in eoc_custom_filter in place to get a more dynamic view?


      BR NetJoerg