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    FTP Voyager Schedular does not copy all files from server to  local share


      We have noticed that Voyager does not successfully copy all files from our Serv-U server to a local share when writes are happening simultaneously at the server. Most of the files get copied just fine and all files show up in the Voyager log as copied. We are running Voyager Version on a Windows 7 Enterprise OS. The system is a Virtual Server.


      We are positive that if we are not writing files to the Serv-U server at the same time as the Voyager schedular is trying to process files, everything comes down just fine. It  only seems to be an issue during a write to the Serv-U system.



      Mike -  Skagit IT

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          jonathan at solarwinds

          Can you post a log snippet?  Is it possible that the files are being written to Serv-U after FTP Voyager does its directory listing for that step of the task?

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              I am going to try to get a log file snippit. We can always recreate the test if we need to get a fresh copy of the log. As far as the timing of the interaction between Serv-u and Voyager, I think you can get a feel for it in the tests results below.


              What we are attempting to do is to have files dropped off by local agencies on our serv-u server. We then use Voyager to move those files into a share where our document management system can consume them. Pre-idexing is done based on the name of the file, share location and dates associated with the file. Pretty cool little application really.


              Here is what was reported to me by the person that tested this. I have put theri words in italics. I have put in bold text my comments to help everyone understand exactly which server we are talking about. There is the Serv-U file structure (serv-u) system and the LaserFiche Repository (LF) which is just a standard file share on our network.


              Here are the results of eDiscovery photo transfer test

              Number of photos in 56; Total size 80.1 MB (all photos combined)


              In this test Laserfiche Import Agent is turned off to remove that variable

              Note in checking the FTP Voyager log. Files are moved to the server (LF) and then if the move is successful they are deleted from the FTP site (serv-u).  This is done one file at a time.  E.g.  P456 is successfully moved from the FTP site to the server – P456 is deleted from the FTP site


              Test 1

              56 photos are copied to the FTP site (serv-u)

              After the files have all been copied FTP Voyager is executed

              56 photos successfully transferred to the server folder (LF) and deleted from the FTP site (Serv-u)


              Test 2

              56 photos are transferred to the FTP (serv-u)

              After the 10th photo is in the FTP site FTP Voyager is executed

              FTP Voyager moves files to the server (LF) and deletes files it has moved.  FTP voyager  empties the FTP site (serv-u) of files before all the files are copied to FTP site.  Once the FTP site is empty FTP Voyager stops and reschedules a later transfer.  The remaining files finish copying on to the FTP site.


              FTP Voyager is executed again and moves the remaining files from the FTP site (serv-u) to the server (LF).  All the files on the FTP server are deleted.


              44 of the 56 photos are on the server (LF).    12 files are missing from the server folder.  The FTP Voyager log lists the missing files as being moved to the server (LF) and then deleted from the FTP site (serv-u).


              I have no idea where the missing files are located.  FTP Voyager seems fine as long as transfer to the FTP site has been completed before it attempts to move files to the server.  Voyager seems to mess up when it moves files before they have all arrived on the FTP site.


              Please let us know if we can provide any other information on this issue. This will be a very NEAT capability when we get this going correctly. We use our Serv-U server for all sorts of automation and it appears that some of the new features will make it even more valuable to us.