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    Total percent utilization interface chart?


         I'm trying to create two interface charts, one which has Tx and Rx as separate items for a switch interface, and one that has the Tx + Rx for the same interface. However, the latter chart is wrong; it can't possibly be showing Tx + Rx... ?


      Here is the Tx and Rx graph:


      Here is the Tx + Rx graph. Notice how it's obviously not Tx + Rx, which would be 70-90%.


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          When you are looking at a duplex circuit you have equal bandwidth both ways, so when you combine Tx and Rx your total bandwidth doubles. The combined graph should look more like an average of the 2 individual graphs.


          For example on a 10 mbps circuit

          20% receive utilization is 2 mbps

          40% transmit utilization is 4 mbps

          combined is 6 mbps out of 20 mbps or 30% Total utilization

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              This seems like faulty logic. I'm paying for a 10Mb circuit, and I'm only going to be able to Transmit or Receive at a maximum of 10 Mb. You can't combine them to get 20 Mb going either way, so calling it 20 Mb is a misnomer. Not to mention, when you add the chart item, Solarwinds even calls it "Rx + Tx" implying that the values should be added together. If they can't accurately represent total usage, this should be removed and Rx and Tx percent utilization only should be available.