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    Acknowledge Alerts via SMS from Alert Central


      Hi All,


      I have recently implemented Alert Central in Trial inside our organisation. I have it up and running for the most part, but am struggling with the SMS component. I have imported a few Active Directory groups, and assigned them to be 'On Call', and setup a mobilenumber@mobileprovide.com.au address, and the SMS is recieved successfull, in this case, on an iPhone.


      The problem arises when the person who receives that message wants to 'ack' the Alert. When 'ack' is typed in and SMS'd back to Alert Central, it becomes confused because the ACNID is not transmitted back, and therefor it doesn't know how to match the alert to to the SMS acknowledgement. The only way for it to work is to type in the $"ACNID:575" ack and then transmit the SMS. Is it just a fact that on all SMS's recieved by Alert Central, we have to include the ACNID when replying? I had to do this the first time when initially validating my SMS address.


      This is a little frustrating, has anyone encountered this?


      Any ways around it?