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      Got alerts working, got users using the product, lots of potential here. 


      Short list of suggestions:


      1. Make groups have Managers, with an option to escalate to that manager.  RIght now it's a flat list of users, which most organizations don't want.  Optionally let me prioritize the group members(with multiple people in a level, like Tier1 might have 2-3 people, Tier 2 another 2-3, Tier3/Mgr etc..)

      2. Documentation for sms alerts is wrong, it suggests phonenumber@provider.com, typically each provider has a special address(vtext.com for verizon, tmomail.net for tmobile).  I'd suggest you have an admin page to define providers and their @whatever.com format.  Then in the user profile you could just put a dropdown for the provider and a text input for cellphone.

           a. Additionally, Active Directory integration pulls through cellphones(for organizations that provide that), perhaps work that logic to map the field.

      3. When importing users from AD, if you search for a user and select one, then search for another user it wipes out the already selected one.  THIS IS A PROBLEM, with 3000 user accounts this becomes a problem to import individual users.

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          1.  Try creating separate groups with your Tier 1,2,3.  The manager would simply be notified either in -> GROUP -> escalation policy or "if all notification steps have been exhausted".

          2.a. Love the idea!