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    New Tables on NPM don´t appear on SDK using SWQL Studio



      We are working on adding an additional table to the NPM database to store additional data. The issue that we are getting is that when we connect to the database using the SWQL, the new tables don´t appear. So I´d like to know if this is possible and if so, where we can made the change to add this custom table so we can see it on the SWQL.


      Thank you

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          What you see through the API are entities that are specifically exposed by us.   We do not automatically expose all the tables you see in the database.  While it is possible for you to expose your tables, I'm not sure it something we support.

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              I just left a meeting where we discussed this very issue.  We have our MIS group creating some custom SQL reports for us, which we found impossible to create natively with SolarWinds,  To create those reports. our SQL admin added a local table to the SOLARWINDS database, containing data imported from other SQL applications we run in-house.   My existing perl code has been reading a CSV file I manually exported from our SQL CRM, and naturally this gets stale quickly.  We were just discussing if it is possible for SWIS-based applications like perl using the Orion SDK to read from the custom table, instead of a local CSV file.  We sadly concluded that doing this would not be possible, but your response above implies that perhaps it is possible, after all.


              Given that this is not supported, is there any information available that would allow us to expose our custom table so that a  perl script can use the SDK to do something like '$swis->QueryXml( "SELECT Sitecode, LocID, State FROM OUR_CRM_TABLE WHERE State='CA'") ?  Would it possible to make that table available to the SolarWinds Report Writer?  If we can, we could do everything we need from inside SolarWinds without MIS assistance.