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    How to monitor specific OID's on isolated network


      I'm not sure if here is the correct area to get the answer to this . I have run into an issue and don't appear to be able to resolve it using the Engineers toolkit,


      I have Orion 10.1.3 and Engineer toolkit installed, The management network is completely isolated, and does not have access to the internet, any attempts either through using SNMP tools on engineering toolset /Orion have begun automatic search for MIB file/info online off solarwinds MIB server . I don't need/ want it to do this as I have MIB files on my machine.   I wish to monitor 5 specific OID's,  Is there any guide that will tell me how to do this without NMS trying to contact main Solarwinds Server, as all the ones I've read make the assumption orion will successfully pull the information off server


      Thanktor O