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    Parent/Child and nested children


      I would like to create a true parent/child setup for our nodes.  In Groups, group management, I see "telecom" as a parent.  The I have a few children under it. I want to add children to the existing children, and possibly more children under those.  However If I do this with groups, the ALL the groups show up in the main group management tab. I think the Group idea works differently than a true Parent.Child relationship.

      Here is what im trying to do:

      *Telecom Group

           -Amherst Junction Tower router (parent)

                     > AMI Router (child)

                               >AMI TGB (child children)

                               >AMI Relay (child children)

                     >Radio System router (child)

                     >SCADA Router (child)

                               >Serial server (child children)


           -Beaver Dam Tower Router

                     >AMI Router

                               >AMI TGB

                               >AMI Relay

                     >Radio System router

                      >SCADA router

                               >Serial Server



      Can anyone help describe how to set this up without congesting the main Groups screen?