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    Custom views for Syslog?




      I'm in the process of creating a separate view in NPM, this view only focuses on a specific portion of the network. I have a requirement to add some of the Syslog details into this view, but I can't find a way to filter the entries that would show in it.


      example, I need to add the 'Last XX Syslog Message' option into this view, and I would like to filter it to show devices that have a specific Custom Property set on it (singles out the portion of the network we'd like to see in this view). Is something like this possible? I haven't had much luck in my searches for this.


      Any help or guidance would be appreciated!

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          Does this part of the user's account setting help? If you restrict your view access this way, the syslog view will also use these restrictions. I use the System Name Pattern to restrict sites to only see the equipment they have. All the views then use this restrictions including NTA etc.



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              That was an option that I considered, but unfortunately, that won't help here. The users that would like this separate view created, also require access to view all the other devices within the network as well.


              This new view I'm creating is meant for more mission critical devices (Data Center devices and such), while the other view will contain remote sites and non-critical devices. They wanted to create this as a separate visual representation of their environment.