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    Static Routes


      Greetings,  is it possible to add static routes to LEM?  I've looked through the documentation, but am not finding anything.

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          At least in 5.5 it's still not available.  You have to call in to support and they can do it through root access but they make it difficult to get accomplished.  The file to be modified is /etc/network/interfaces .  I managed to get a screen capture when they did mine, but I sanitized the ip addresses for your viewing pleasure.  When completed it should look something like this.


          # /etc/network/interfaces auto generated by LEM firstboot

          # Generated at Fri Feb  1 11:48:03 2013

          auto lo eth0

          iface lo inet loopback

          iface eth0 inet static




          up route add -net netmask gw

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            nicole pauls

            Not currently, but we've had a feature request for this. You might check the Log & Event Feature Requests forum to see if there's an idea there already you could upvote, or create one so that we can track Thwack votes.