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    SMS on Verizon Network/iPhone


      I don't think this is an issue with AC itself, but I can't find a way around this problem so I was hoping someone else may have.  When I setup a user for SMS alerts in AC it sends the validation text message fine to the 1234@vtext.com but when the end user replies with validation in the body of the message, the source of that text back to AC changes to 1234@vzwpix.com. AC doesn't recognize this as a valid user.  I changed the user account in AC to the 1234@vzwpix.com and still can't get the validation piece to complete.  I wouldn't want to use vzwpix.com since that is considered picture messages and would start to cost me a fortune.   Any other verizon users out there try the SMS feature and get it working on an iPhone?




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