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    Orion NPM wizard gets activex error


      I pointed my Orion installation to a new SQL server this morning and got this error several times while running wizard, though the wizard said it completed successfully and Orion appears to be running OK.  It makes me very nervous, however, that this error came up about 5 times during the config wizard.


      "Cannot create OrionNPMWeb Application object.  Error #429 ActiveX component can't create object."

      I opened a ticket and they say they can see no errors in the diagnostics and have basically washed their hands of it!!!  The one KB article I found refers to older versions and the file it refers to: sqldmo.dll is not anywhere to be found, confirmed by the SW tech.

      Orion server 2008 R2, using NPM 10.4.2 only

      SQL server 2012 with SQL 2012.

      Using SA for SQL and logging in as local admin while running wizard.

      Has anyone else figured this out?