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      Today I am very pleased to announce the General Availability of Network Performance Monitor 10.5. The most noticeable features and enhancements include:

      • Routing information including alerting for major routing protocols (RIP, OSPF, BGP)
        • View and search in routing tables.
        • See changes in default routes and flapping routes
        • View router topology and neighbor statuses
      • New Interface filtering UI to import discovery results:
        • Exclude virtual interfaces and access ports, or specific interface type
        • Select interfaces based on pattern matching including Regex formulas
        • The new preview UI for final selection of imported interfaces
      • Multicast traffic information monitoring and alerting, including topology information.
        • Automatic detection of multicast protocol and multicast group import into NPM
        • Display multicast information, route information, and device information in a single unified view
        • View multicast topology using upstream and downstream device list information
        • Generate intelligent alerts based on multicast errors
      • Interface Auditing
        • View user actions related to interface monitoring in NPM

      You can download new version from your customer portal


      you can read more about the content here.