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    Issue with AIX Connector



      We have an issue with the connectors assigned to the IBM AIX nodes because these connectors appear disconnected on the LEM console, we have re installed the agents, and reconfigured the AIX Audit Connector a lot of times, but we always have the same result, the syslog is already configured, and the suggested configuration for AIX and Oracle audit is already applied. Also we have updated the connectors package, checked connections, firewalls rules, re installed the agents (those agents are running), and everything seem to be ok. The status of the agents is green, and when we activate the connectors that appear on off status, those connectors stay activated for a minutes and then appear to be off again, and of course we don´t receive any event from those servers or Oracle audit.


      These screenshots show the result that we are getting on LEM:




      Thank you

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          nicole pauls

          When you check the connector status, can you also take a look at that agent directly in Manage > Agents, then Gear for that agent > Connectors? It would be good to make sure that the Ops Center dashboard is reporting the same data as the Agent itself.


          Are any of these agents in Connector Profiles?


          Lastly, the agent log from an affected system may be of interest. If the connectors really are stopping, there should be accompanying errors. You might also see them in your LEM console, or if you expand the timeframe in that bottom chart to longer than the default (you probably need to go to last week) it would be interesting to know what the most recent message is.