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    NPM 10.4.2 or 10.5 install fails on IIS dependencies


      I am trying to install the NPM and have used 10.4.2 and 10.5, but both fail when it gets to the configuration wizard.  The wizard reports:


      "The Orion Configuration Wizard has detected that Miscrosoft Internet Information Services (IIS) or some of its required components are not currently installed. 

      Do you want to automatically install all missing IIS components required by Orion"


      Even though I manually checked all the requirements are installed.  If I click yes to install missing components it fails with the message "Operation failed with 0x80070BC9.  The requested operation failed. A system reboot is required to roll back changes made"


      The following IIS components show as installed:


      Web Server

        Common HTTP Features

          Static Content

        Default Document

        Application Development


        .NET Extensibility

        ISAPI Extensions

        ISAPI Filters


          Basic Authentication

        Windows Authentication

        Request Filtering

        Management tools

          IIS6 Management Compatibility (and all options below)


      So what other requirement is missing?