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    Hey, Listen! Alert Central Office Hours Chat Transcript from Friday, May 17

    nicole pauls

      Hey everyone,


      Here's the transcript of Friday's chat for anyone who missed it. The most notable question was around the release of the service release, which we're shooting to have toward the end of the month. I'll be posting here when the beta is available (very soon) for anyone who wants to test.


      It looks like the pretty names didn't come through, so for reference "colby" is me, sometimes referred to as Nicole (PM), and "ChrisJones" is one of our Alert Central lead developers.


      REMINDER: If you have comments about Office Hours, please be sure to vote/comment in the poll: Alert Central Office Hours - Like it? Love it?


      adminHello everyone, we're about to start and will be diabling Moderator Mode in a few minutes
      SolarwookyHello all
      SolarwookyAlert central seems like a really cool concept. Like Openview but friendly and flexible.
      Katie_BHello Everyone! Thanks for coming to our Alert Central Office Hours
      PatrickHubbardHi there everyone!
      SolarwookyHey Patrick
      SolarwookyHello Katie
      Katie_BWe will be starting the chat in a few minutes
      Katie_BDoes everyone have their questions ready?
      SolarwookySure do.
      PatrickHubbardThey ask us the questions!
      KeithHi Patrick
      LaraWhen are you guys going to publish more videos about Patch Manager?
      Laraspecially integration with CM 2012
      LaraAre there any plans for any Patch Manager training?
      PatrickHubbardLara, let me see if I can get someone from Patch.
      njoylifrough eta on next release/hotfix?
      Katie_BAlright everyone, Nicole our Alert Central PM is now online
      Katie_BAs a reminder, this forum is to help folks better understand Alert Central and how to get it implemented
      colbythe next service release is in QA right now, we should have a beta pretty soon, and it should be released at the end of the month.
      colbyI have a list of stuff that's resolved if you have a specific question - it does include the world's most irritating "stuff stops working" fix.
      PatrickHubbardLara: Lawrence our head geek for Patch is in a meeting, I'll see if he can join in a bit.  I'll take the note on more patch videos and we're planning to show the CM2012 integration in the booth at Cisco Live.
      RobertRozsaCan an email alert include a link back to Orion to immediately investigate an issue?
      KevinDoes this patch only include fixes are will there be new features?
      SolarwookyI have a question about email which I already have a post in the discussion forum. We don't support POP3 or IMAP. What are my other options for Alert Central?
      njoylifRobertR - the Notes section does actually update back and forth.
      colbyrobert: right now, only what appears in the alert summary and stuff goes in the emails, BUT if it got added as a note, it would go out in its own email. customizable templates is a feature request, though.
      RobertRozsathank you
      colbykevin: there's a couple of improvements (like assigning a static IP on first boot, improvements to update/deleting recurring calendar items), but mostly bugfixes. no big features.
      colbysolarwooky: right now, POP and IMAP for inbound alert emails/responses is it, but support for MAPI is high on our list of features. what would work for you?
      KevinIs there a roadmap for AC?  It would really help with my decision. right now its just not there for me.
      colbythere is indeed, i'm hoping to get something published soon, but this thwack post is still accurate: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/200048#200048
      Katie_BKevin: Also, what would help make Alert Central get there for you?
      Solarwooky@nicole (PM) i'll ask my Exchange admin
      colbyto reverse the question, is there something that would push it over the line?
      RodMAcleodIs there an ETA for HTML Email Support. I heard it would be in the next maintenance release but do not know when this is supposed be.
      colbywe are fixing a couple of issues related to the HTML email stuff in the service release (end of month timeframe) and looking at what else needs to be done after that
      KevinI would like to have more control over email content and also have some sort of integration back to Web Help Desk.
      Katie_Bsorry dubbs, I meant to send that to everyone, but just sent to you. It looks like Nicole asked the question anyway.
      colbyah - with WHD, would you need updates to go back and forth between the two? anything else?
      colbye.g. alerts could be submitted to AC from WHD, then if updates happened in AC, they would update WHD tickets, and vice versa
      KevinOur alerts would go from WHD to AC. everything starts in WHD
      colbyer, yeah. that's what i meant. <drinks more coffee>
      Solarwooky@nicole (PM) we don't use MAPI because of the security vulnerabilities involved.
      colbyah - so what would work? what would they prefer?
      KevinBest case would be to be able to see in WHD the status of any alerts instead of having to go to both places
      colbyMAPI was definitely the first thing we were looking at supporting, but i'll make a note to look at activesync in addition/instead
      colbyanyone else out there with exchange have a preference - IMAP, POP, MAPI, activesync?
      MDriskellI'll check with my admins...but I know for certain that we don't support IMAP or POP.  MAPI is supported..not sure about activesync
      RodMAcleodSuggestion....It should be easier to see emails that have have been discarded.  I was testing with Email Alerts from LAbtech and basically nothing was happening, nothing showed in the console.  It took a while to find out about the Logs and to figure out the emails were simply being blocked because of html. The console should be able to show a record of every email it recieved from its mailbox and what it did with it.
      colbyas an IT person i probably would have made an unhappy face when someone told me i had to enable IMAP/POP, though for alerting i'd have done it
      KevinWe have an Imap enabled mailbox on our exchange server which works but MAPI would be preferred
      TonyHow far out is the SR that addresses the calendar problem?
      colbyrod: good suggestion.
      MDriskellThe lack of MAPI support is the primary reason I haven't put this through the paces yet
      colbywhich calendar problem? next SR is targeted at end of month
      Tonychecking recur shortens any date span down to 1 day
      colbyyeah, we've heard that a lot about IMAP/POP being the only options. MAPI was next on the list, but i'll make sure we look at activesync as an option.
      Tonyit's been addressed in the forum as a bug
      BradThe recurring calendar feature is less than intuitive.
      TonyI think the calendar could be great/useful with some tweaks
      colbytony, is that this: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/thread/54803
      Tonyit is...
      MattWAny changes coming in next SR regarding email notifications - that has been a fairly active topic on the feature request boards
      MattWsorry - verifications
      colbybrad, yeah, i think there's some usability improvements to be made in the recurring calendar there.
      LaraAre the CM 2012 and Patch Manager videos from Cisco Live going to be available? It will be nice to see an end to end integration between CM 2012 and PM to better undersdand the implementation, deployment and how both products work togheter
      colbymattW: not in the SR, but that is our top item for post-SR work in the next release
      JeremySorry if I missed the answer to this, but is there a newer release yet that doesn't lock up.
      colbytony, that's fixed in the SR then
      colbyjeremy - next SR scheduled for end of month, beta a little sooner
      KellieHey all--Kellie on an entering UX issues around usability improvements to recurring calendar!
      PatrickHubbardLara- I'm hoping Lawrence will do one when he has the servers configured for the show.
      Tonyfeature request:  being able to pick any user/group in the escalation section, not just users who belong to a group or calendar.
      JeremyOk, so that should resolve the problem with the system not sending out alerts which requires a restart of AC to fix currently.
      SolarwookyI second that one
      JeremyI'd like to see where a user can have multiple contact methods, such as different email addresses, sms, etc and the ability to choose which contact method is used based on variables such as severity of the alert, etc
      Tonyagreed Jeremy
      KevinI think you can do that now minus the variable
      colbyif anyone is interested in beta testing, there's a thread on thwack i'm trying to find that you can post in
      SolarwookyCan SMTP be used for both incoming? For us MAPI and SMTP is our request.
      JeremyI'm interested in beta testing.
      colbystandard SMTP with or without SSL is used for all the outbound
      TonyI'm your Huckleberry
      colbyhere's the thread i'll respond in when the beta is up: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/message/197464#197464
      Tonyfeature request:  being able to control what emails are sent.  It's not really necessary to get an email every time an alert is updated/closed/reassigned
      colbyyeah, kevin's right, each user can pick that in their prefs, but it's always the same. doing it based on alert conditions is a really good idea
      colbythat's a good suggestion - maybe a set of checkboxes in the user config where they can specify when to get emails, like a bug tracking system would do
      Katie_BEveryone: Before you leave there is a poll to the right of the chat window (you will need to refresh first **note refreshing page will start your chat over and you will not be able to see what was said previously**)asking if what you think of office hours. Please take a second and let us know what you think.
      Tonydon't see a poll
      KevinI would like to have control over who receives the weekly summary
      BradWhat about office hours?
      MattWor users shouold be able to opt out of weekly summary
      colbywe've heard that one, too - is it just noise?
      colbywhat makes you want to opt them out?
      emmabHi to everyone.
      Katie_BTony: you will need to refresh, but I would wait until the endthe poll will just ask what you think of office hours
      JeremyIn the distant future it would be cool to have an iphone and or android app that you can update status, acknowledge alerts, close, etc.
      colbyjeremy, we were doing some research into that recently - most people seem to just want to get the notifications, would you also want to interact with them? or just launch an email/web console?
      KevinYou can set the hours in the calendar
      Tonyyou can do that through email already Jeremy
      MattWheard from users- they dont want them. some people have their notification preference as text - because of severity of the issues.  summary comes in as text as well (and at midnight or whatever).  Maybe allow summary to be sent out via a different means (email) would be ok too
      JeremyThe alert options based on variables would be nice because we like to have alerts that are not mission critical to just go to email while the alerts that are mission critical to go to different email addresses and or sms paging.
      njoylifwill you make transcript of chat avail?
      Tonyagreed Jeremy
      colbyah. sounds like we need to make the report more useful to regular ol' users. we've had some great weekly report suggestions around analyzing the data based on the actual object or severity or type of alerts, so you could see your most frequent alert generators
      JeremyYes you can do it through email, but text messages via sms are not email so replying to them doesn't work so easily.
      Danielle@njoylif yes, we are capturing the chat history
      SteveSorry if this has already been asked...I have installed AC, have the alerts from ORION coming in fine but can not get outbound emails to work from AC. We run exchange and not using encrypted port, any ideas?
      njoylifgreat, thx
      colbyyeah - some method of native SMS support is on our list also. would you prefer SMS or mobile app?
      Tonynot really doing txt right now
      KevinCan you make the variable unique to the email source?
      Tonyanother app to deal with is dreadful IMO
      colbysteve, good question, i think we've had a few people troubleshooting similar issues. let me grab chris to dig in.
      TonySteve, you may need to restart AC
      Tonyand make sure you've "verified" the email addresses
      JeremyYes that is the downside to apps that there are so many, but this is one that I would load on my devices.
      colbysteve, did it successfully past the "test" in the getting started wizard?
      colbyas in, everything SHOULD be working?
      SteveI do not get any verification emails. Setup seems to fail during the wizard
      colbyjeremy, do you use solarwinds mobile admin?
      Tonythat would explain it Steve
      SolarwookyCan Alert Central use SMTP to both Send and retrieve?
      JeremyNo, I've been meaning to test out the solarwinds mobile admin
      MattWso this chat keeps filtering my comments when i use the work doc umentation - says there is a bad word
      Steveyeah, i get that but i don't get why it's failing.
      colbySMTP is just for outbound
      JeremyI'll have to give it a whirl.
      TonySMA would have been cool if it were free
      colbytell us how you really feel about doc, chat
      Tonywe(I) tried it...
      MattWi tell my boss that docu-mentation is bad word all the time
      Tonythat's a fighting word
      Tonyshame on Microsoft for making Word/Visio/Excel
      colbypoor corel
      MattWi'm trying to set up AC to connect directly to SAM instead of through monitored mailbox - but i'm not sure i udnerstand how the fields map.  any docs out there?
      colbyfields  map - as in which fields from SAM come in to the object/source/severity?
      colbyall the properties come in with the same names as their original orion alerts, and we map those 3 fields specifically
      JeremyI want to make sure I'm not crazy. Is there no easy test trigger for Alert Central.  When I do a test alert from basic alerts it doesn't trigger an Alert in Alert Central is that correct.
      colbyif you get one coming in, what you could do, is go to Alerts -> click on an Orion alert -> then click on "Original Orion Alert" to see what AC sees
      MattWYeah - it made sense when i was trying glean data from an email - but i'm not sure what to put in for SAM - speaking two different languages it seems
      Tonyfeature request:  Although AC is integrated with Orion, it is NOT natively integrated with Syslog alerts.
      colbythen from there you can click the "don't like how this source did it's thing? click here to fix it" and it'll automatically bring it over to source config
      MattWThanks - i'll try that
      colbytony - i heard the same request for SNMP Traps recently
      colbyjeremy, what version of NPM or SAM are you on?
      Tonywe use syslog for EIGRP alerts... and have to do email source for that
      Tonybut.... it appears the boys/girls over at NPM may be working on EIGRP support, this would eliminate the need for syslog if they get that going.
      colbymy Orion-Fu is weak, can you not generate an Orion alert from a syslog message or SNMP trap?
      Tonybut that's my personal case for syslog
      Tonyothers may use it more actively
      Tonywe do generate an email alert from syslog
      JeremyI don't have SAM
      colbyNPM? 10.4 or later?
      JeremyI have the NPM 10.4.2
      colbyok, jeremy, AFAIK all basic/advanced alerts are supposed to be shared with AC
      Tonybut it's not in the same "family" as the other alerts
      Tonythose are
      Tonybut syslog is separate
      JeremySo if I do a test alert from basic, advanced it should trigger AC?
      colbyas long as you don't have "trash the alert" set up in the source
      Tonyany alert in basic/adv "should" trigger AC
      Tonysyslog has to be setup as an email source
      colbyif it gets caught by the routing rule that says "trash the alert" you'll never see it (related to the earlier request to be able to see things that were trashed)
      colbyi'm going to check with someone on the syslog thingy
      JeremyHmm, I'll have to fool around with it and see what the deal was.
      Tonyany plans on "really integrating" into orion?  as in a module like NCM/UDT/etc.?
      Tonyor is that covered in the roadmap?
      KevinI would like to see the limit of repeating the escalation workflow 5 times removed.  I would also like to see an option to repeat the last action instead of the whole workflow.
      colbygood question - we have sort of penciled in "more orion integration" but don't have anything quite pinned down. originally we had stuff like: being able to view/manage AC alerts inside an orion view
      colbyyou want to be able to repeat it infinitely?
      colbyhey Steve, if you're out there, chris can help you troubleshoot the email issue
      TonyI've implemented it as a "web source" into ORION, but a TAB sure would be nice
      colbywould you want everything in the AC console, or just a subset? dashboards?
      Tonyeverything you see now
      KevinYes no limites on escalations
      colbykevin, the last action repeated is a good suggestion - i could see a "repeat the last action" or "repeat the whole workflow" checkbox/dropdown selection
      MattWHow about a public (or directlink) dashboard?
      colbytony, do you have SAM also, or just NPM?
      Tonyprobably needs to be radio button to either: repeat steps or repeat last action
      Tonybut not both because that would totally hose the workflow
      ChrisJonessteve what is your thwack id?
      colbythere's a workaround the PM for orion suggested which would be to raise a windows event from the syslog, let SAM pick that up, and create an alert from THAT
      colbybut, if you just have NPM, i'll pick his brain some more
      Tonyoh SAM... we trialed that... couldn't get anyone onboard because our server guys are stuck in WhatsUpGold blackhole...
      colbyanother possibility would be to use the syslog/trap message to toggle an interface status, then raise the alert from that, but that's cheating. he said improvements to syslog/traps are at the top of their feature request list for NPM/orion
      Tonythey should just integrate syslog into basic/advanced alerts
      TonyI could be your poster boy for "should be's"
      Tonyor "should do's"
      colbyhere's the orion thread to vote on: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/1139
      colbyor flame on
      colbyas the case may be
      Tonybut I'm positive there's a lot of backend mumbojumbo that I don't understand that prevents it, or it would probably already be that way
      colbyyeah, the syslog stuff is kind of segmented in its own little world
      colbypoor syslog
      JeffWhen doing the Email Settings Test, why does the following error occur: "EMAIL_VALIDATION_TEST_MESSAGE_NOT_FOUND" - even though I confirmed the e-mail was received.
      Tonyred headed stepchild syndrome?
      colbyonion peeling - you improve different areas one at a time, then the next most obvious area comes to the top
      colbyjeff, i believe that's actually AC sending the test message and not finding it in the mailbox
      KevinUnfortunately just receiving the Validation email doesn't mean it was actually validated
      ChrisJoneswas the email deleted as well
      ChrisJoneshow did you confirm the email was received?
      colbywhen you do the email setup, it sends a test message, then checks for it... so maybe checking is working but not sending?
      JeffI logged in our webmail and confirmed the test message was received.
      Tonydoes it send to itself and then see if it's there?
      ChrisJonesdid it get deleted, it should get deleted by AC
      Tonywhich is why the email account needs to be real and not a dummy internal address
      JeffYes, it was deleted.
      JeffIt is a real e-mail.
      Kevindid you get a validation successful response?
      colbyi think we overloaded the term validation in that error message
      ChrisJoneshmm, then im a little stumped on that one.  AC does send a message to itself
      ChrisJonesand it received it and consumed it so its strange that you got that error
      JeffEverything was successful, except for the "Sending test message" portion - which is when I received the "EMAIL_VALIDATION_TEST_MESSAGE_NOT_FOUND."
      Tonyoh, during the setup?
      Tonynot a user setup?
      JeffYes.  It looks like the e-mail is still in the inbox and not deleted.
      Tonyall buttons turned green?
      colbyi suppose you could try checking the "yes, I know what I'm doing" checkbox and see if the error is a false positive
      JeffAll buttons turned green except the final one: "Sending test message."  It also includes the error details - which is pretty long.
      ChrisJonesyou may need to delete the message from the inbox and make sure its deleted from the email server ( i usually have to close thunderbird to get the messages deleted from the server). and then try the GSW email configuration again
      Tonycould be a password problem for AC trying to log into the email account and check itself?
      ChrisJonesmight have been a timing thing
      JeffI'll delete the e-mail in the inbox and try it again.
      ChrisJonesis your smtp secure?
      TonyNicole, you got the whole escalation/user/group feature jotted down?
      JeffI'm not sure if it is secure.  I would need to check with your e-mail administrator.
      colbytony, i saw it scroll by now that you mention it, let me go back
      colbychat feature request: search
      JeffI tried it again and had the same error message.  Within the error details, I noticed the following: "DEBUG: trying to connect to host "Exchange01", port 143, isSSL false."
      JeffHowever, the test e-mail was received.
      colbyhooray, i found it: feature request: being able to pick any user/group in the escalation section, not just users who belong to a group or calendar.
      ChrisJonesSteve, my thwack account is: Christopher Jones (Chris Jones).  Ask to be my Friend and then send me a message and I'll see if i can help you.
      colbysort of a "universal" alert vs. a "group" alert
      ChrisJonesso it worked better then
      colbyas a workaround you could put anyone you want to assign something to in the group, but that essentially means everyone's in every group and it kind of defeats the purpose of groups.
      Tonywell... in order to put someone in the escalation chain, you have a add a calendar that the user is part of, make the user part of the group, etc.  Our NOC doesn't need to be part of Network Engineers but we need to be able to escalate the alert to them.
      JeffChris: I received the same error message: "EMAIL_VALIDATION_TEST_MESSAGE_NOT_FOUND."  However, the e-mail was received in the inbox with "test 7" as the title and body.
      colbyyou could do that manually
      TonyAlso, in a primary and backup oncall scenario, "Notify group member from selected calendar" is cool, but we need to be able to select any member from any calendar
      colbybut if you wanted them in the policy - like "notify the normal people, then if they don't respond in 20 minutes, try the noc people" or even routing to another GROUP if the escalation policy fails would be useful
      colbyyeah, calendars are similar, just within groups.
      JeffIf I attempt to try it again, I received the following: "EMAIL_VALIDATION_EXISTING_MESSAGES_FOUND - test7" because it already exists.
      colbyin an "uncomfortable laugh" sort of way
      Tonywe have a primary and a backup group
      Tonyboth have same members
      Tonybut if primary doesn't respond, need to route to backup guy
      Tonysounds easy... but now put those two guys in a rotation that changes every 2 weeks
      RobertRozsaHow do I change the Alert email that contains the link back to AlertCentral to be https://servername/ instead of https://servername:443
      Tonyand who is primary and who is backup changes within the group and pollicy
      Tonyfollow me?
      Tonyso as a work around, we add both calendars to both groups
      colbyrobert, i don't know that you can, i think that's a part of the template to put the port # in there in case it gets changed.
      Tonybut that creates "nested" calendars on the calendar page which looks bad and convoluted
      Tonyand then if neither answers, we need to notify the NOC about the alert so they can "track" someone down
      Tonybut they don't need to be on any calendar or belong to any group
      Tonyso.... that's it in a nutshell
      TonyAlso, I've noticed that you can't have more than 2 calendars per group
      Tonynot that anyone needs that many, but someone might want it
      colbyi've added multiples
      TonyIf I add a 3rd, one of them gets replaced
      Tonyok so now I'm a liar
      colbyoh whew
      TonyI've changed names of calendars
      colbyi am checking for myself though
      Tonyand I deleted some calendars
      ChrisJonesil have you try one more time but do not delete the existing email message, the test should then fail at the "Checking for existing email" because you have an existing email
      Tonyand now can't create a calendar name I previously had
      colbyoh, that's a bug
      Tonybecause it says duplicate
      colbygood find
      colbywe leave some of the info around in case it's referenced in the alert history
      colbybut... it's not supposed to break that way
      colbywe'll file that one
      JeffChris - Yes, it fails at Checking for existing email.
      ChrisJonesok, thx
      Tonythe biggest headache for us right now is the "recur" problem.  Can't wait for the SR or beta to test
      TonyFYI.... being to chat with the PM and some dev folks is spot on!
      Tonynot that you can do it all the time, but periodically would be nice.
      KevinWish they would do this with WHD
      colbywe're just testing it out to see if it helps get peoples' questions answered, or bumps some thwack threads/feature requests that we missed
      colbyright - the idea is we'd do it regularly
      colbyas long as people find it useful
      TonyShould try this for other products, although I can see NPM/NCM/SAM getting hammered
      ChrisJonesgo ahead and check the 'continue on' check box and try adding a user with an email address and see if you can get the user validation to work
      colbywe find that people are getting a little stuck with setting up Alert Central so we wanted to get it some love
      Katie_BGlad you all are enjoying the chat. Don't forget to fill out the poll to the right before you leave. That way we have more ways to show that this is what people want.
      Tonyperfect "match maker" feature
      ChrisJonesalso, send a friend request to Christopher Jones on thwack and ill private message you about getting logs
      colbyfor other products, i think it would also be helpful, though you might get buried
      Tonyyeah not sure how they'd manage those
      Tonythey would need 10 different rooms at a time
      colbyor maybe a topic
      colbywe kind of had "implementation questions" as our topic but that's a little vague
      colbybut maybe if you did "SAM 5.5 feature chat" to ask about new features or something
      colbyor "installing"
      colbypeople will still come and ask the other questions, but it might be more manageable
      colbyMORE QUESTIONS! we know you've got them!
      Katie_Bcan anyone tell me how they first heard about alert central?
      Tonydid you get the "email not needed for every update/ack/note/closure"?
      Tonykind of an admin being able to opt out certain emails and/or email addresses
      Tonyon a per user basis
      colbysort of like a bug tracking system, where you can choose what gets emailed vs. seeing everything
      colbytell me when someone changes the status vs. "tell me when someone reassigns"
      Tonyand being able to choose that for others as well
      Tonyfrom and admin POV
      colbyadmin can edit any user's prefs so at least having it in the user prefs... though you might want to set defaults
      Tonyi could see that
      TonyI saw it....
      JamesIt sends emails out via Outlook, and calls you on your cell phone or? Sorry haven't read the docs on it as yet. Its Windows based applic...
      TonyCustomer portal
      Tonyduring a recent catastrophe of our entire installation....
      colbyyou send alerts to AC via direct with orion or email, and it distributes them to people in groups
      colbyvia email, and they can respond and acknowledge/take the alert, that sort of thing
      colbyescalate it to someone else
      colbyaw, the customer portal.
      Jamesok, Thanks
      Tonythere are "buttons" inside the email to note/reassign/close/ackknowledge
      Tonykinda cool really!
      Jamesok, cool
      Tonynow... just have to test it, fine tune it, and try to get people on board.
      Tonyhope it doesn't turn out like SAM
      Tonybut you can't beat free right?
      Jamesit will be interesting to find out how it connects into Solar Winds NPM, setting the thresholds and firing out a email alert message.
      colbyessentially you can set all the triggers in NPM as to where to fire the alert, then AC will take it from there. and if you add notes to the NPM or AC alert, they'll be copied to each other.
      JamesNPM already has emailing alerting...
      Tonyour IT directors preach about change within the healthcare EMR industry, about how painful it will be for the users, about how it will change our day to day ops, yada yada yada.... but we must press though it and accept change because we can't avoid it.  Yet, when it comes to changing some administrative tools we use.... it's like pulling teeth
      colbyyeah - if you just want a simple email, NPM can do that natively. but AC wins for escalating, using calendars, acknowledging/replying via email
      PatrickHubbardJames: Are you thinking more of adding a "send to AC" action in NPM?
      Tonywhy would you need to send to AC?
      JamesAC is ??
      colbyalert central
      Jamesok, making sure
      TonyAC already grabs the alerts if you add NPM as an orion source
      colbysolarwinds is full of acronyms
      Tonynothing to configure on the NPM side
      JamesI don't have AC as yet. need to talk with my counter parts
      PatrickHubbardAlert Central.  You already have a rich alert editor in NPM, that understands all your monitored data.  I'm asking if you'd want an additional option to route directly to alert central.
      Tonywell i'm sort of a rogue when it comes to trying new things
      Tonyeasier to get forgiveness than permission
      PatrickHubbardThx tony
      Jamesyes, Directing NPM alerts over to AC...
      Jamesif this make things better for us?
      JamesSounds like it should?
      TonyI'd just take out the email notification in the NPM alert and leave the integration the way it is.
      Tonyunless it makes better sense to "send" the alert to AC instead of adv/basic alerts
      JamesSo, AC has a hook for NPM
      Tonyyes James
      colbythere's a similar principle in agile development, about enacting change from the ground up rather than waiting for change to come to you. though if your management isn't so agile, they certainly don't see it that way
      Tonyautomatically grabs triggered alerts from NPM
      Tonyikr nicole
      JamesSo, instead of having NPM alerting with emails, have AC perform the job
      PatrickHubbardThe "Share alerts" option in the NPM alert definition makes it visible to AC and other products like Mobile Admin
      Tonyi prefer the "hey look, this is cool" rather than "can we..."
      PatrickHubbardAlert Central then gos direct using SWIS, and skips email for those alerts
      Jamesdoes it work with v10.1.3?
      colby10.4 or later - core 2012.2.0
      colbyearlier versions you can use email to route stuff to AC though
      Jamesoh, upgrade time, in which are in the process, but not anytime soon
      Jamesok, route stuff through aC, ok
      colbyyeah - you can set up a mailbox for it, and set your NPM alerts to send to that mailbox, in the meantime.
      colbythe native integration just helps you skip a couple of steps and automatically pulls over properties and stuff
      Jamesyeah, only if you v10.4, right
      Jameshave v10.4
      JimI just got up and running last night on AC, anyone else notice the buttons for reassign overlap eachother?
      Jimin the notification email
      colbyyeah - 10.4 includes the needed core version. some people who don't want to upgrade NPM have installed the SAM trial to get the underlying framework then uninstalled SAM, leaving their NPM on the earlier version but getting the core stuff working.
      colbyhey jim - what mail client?
      colbywe've got a few bugs like that - was going to say, gmail is one of them
      colbythe buttons work, just a little too touchy feely with each other
      colbyi don't think it's fixed in the upcoming service release, but it's definitely on our radar
      VictorIs there a way to stop the email alerts from going out once Orion see's the alert is no longer active
      colbygood question - not yet
      colbyright now, someone will have to go in and close the alert when they see that.
      colbyi believe there's an idea for that in the feature request forum you could vote on, though
      Victorok will be voting
      Victorthe tool is great I love it
      Victorwould like to also have a way to customize the email that goes out or have multiple templates
      JimLiking the potential but working through some of the nuances. So far the biggest annoyance has been scheduling recurring week-long on-call assignments.
      JimMy teams have 5-week rotations of a week on-call, starting Tuesday at 2pm. I can't seem to setup that rule.
      colbyah, yeah. i know there's a few fixes related to that in the service release, and we captured an earlier discussion item on that in our tracking system to address because the UI itself is confusing.
      colbysounds similar to tony's suggestions/issues with using recurring on call
      Jimgreat, did I miss the estimated release date for that service release?
      colbyend of the month! going into beta soon
      colbyi'll post on the forum when there's a beta available
      VictorI noticed that when I import from AD I can only select one user at a time and it sends me back to the beginning after every import
      colbyrotation recurrences longer than 1 week has a feature request here - http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/1860
      VictorThis is on IE10 in Windows 8
      colbywe've had some IE10 issues, especially on windows 8, as of late. have you tried it in chrome or firefox to see if it also happens there?
      colbyit sounds like a bug, something we should be able to file and fix
      VictorI have not, will try it
      Jimwhat are the default credentials for the system administration port?
      colbyi think this is the closest one to victor's request about automatically changing the status if the orion status changes - http://thwack.solarwinds.com/ideas/2023
      PatrickHubbardJames. with 10.4 you'd also get multi-interface charts, WMI only discovery and polling, topology from CDP or LLDP, Hardware Health monitoring, new charts, multi-UNDP charts, disconnect tolerant remote polling, user auditing, web based custom property editing and a lot more.
      colbyadmin / admin
      colbyi think i put that in the FAQ somewhere
      PatrickHubbardit's a good upgrade from 10.1
      colbyalright everyone, thanks for coming to the alert central chat!! tell us if you liked it by voting in the poll, or leave a comment. what could we do better? what did you like? thumbs up or thumbs down?: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/polls/1158
      colbyas always if you have more questions, post them on thwack: http://thwack.solarwinds.com/community/tools_tht/alert-central
      wlutherthanks for all the info everyone...
      JimThank you for a great product.
      JeremyYes thanks
      Tonythanks Nicole
      Tonysorry, got sidetracked by mgmt
      AdminThanks for attending everyone! Chat is now closed.  See you again soon.