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    White list vs Watch list


      So now that UDT has this White list feature, how should it be used? How is it different from the Watch list? What are the use cases for both?

      It looks like a hostname, MAC, or IP can be on the Rogue list (i.e. not on the White list), but may or may not be on the Watch list. Is that correct?


      Comments? Thanks you.h

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          Both watch list and white list allow you to monitor specific devices, but with watch list, you specify a device or a user to see where they are connected in the network. To define an entry in the watch list, you need to know the device first. White list works a bit differently - you may specify patterns for IP addresses, MACs, or hostnames to determine which devices you consider safe, and all the other devices will be marked as rogue, so you get an alert anytime a new rogue device connects to your network. Does that make sense?