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    Hardware Health for 3com & h3c switches


      Really like network hardware health. works great with servers and cisco switches & routers. Desperately seeking same for following network platforms:


      H3C S7510E

      H3C S12518

      H3C S9512E

      H3C S5800

      3com Switch 5500-EI


      I've confirmed that all the above platforms/versions we have in Orion do indeed support entity-mib. I had understood that as long as device responds to this mib that hardware health would be enabled, for those of us running 10.4.2.  When I list resources on above platforms - we don't see 'hardware health' as available resource. We are so keen to have this visibility, as this gear is hosting critical services. Also made sure we have latest version of mibs.cfg on our pollers. Is this functionality already available in orion for these platforms, but i need to do something to enable ? Any and all insight, comments welcomed.