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    Displaying Universal Device Pollers


      Hi Guys,


      I'm new to using Solarwinds products, so this might be a easy fix.

      What I'm trying to do is get NPM to display the serial numbers of all cisco stack members on the Node Details page.



      I'm not too fussed about where it puts it on this page, as long as I can list them somewhere.


      I have added 9 new pollers into the Orion Universal Device Poller application. One for each potential stack member, as the OID for the serial number changes depending on where the device is in the stack.


      When I set it to use a GET TABLE I can select the following box in the Web View page.



      But all it displays is this :S Not very useful




      Am I going about this all wrong? Can anyone offer some tips?

      Regards, Daniel

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          if I'm right, you are using OID with the specific RowID (e.g. for entPhysicalSerialNum2). In such case you cann't use GET TABLE. Create only one custom poller for OID, use GET TABLE and as a result you will see all rows in one table.

          If this is not your case, can you show me how is your custom poller configured. Did you try to run Test?



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              Ok, so i changed entPhysicalSerialNum to do a GET TABLE of and it sort of works.


              It lists a whole lot of empty rows and serial numbers of other parts of the system.


              How do I get it to just show me .1001 .2001 .3001 etc etc because the system serial number is the only one I want it to show.


              If I try and do a GET on it works with the test. However it only lets me display it as a gauge.

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              Ok i've got it working now.


              used the GET TABLE on and I can untick the rows i don't want in the web interface. Shame I have to do it for 150+ stacks.