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    Additional Polling Engine Question for NPM/NTA/SAM integrated implementations



      I have a question for those of you who have multiple polling engines AND multiple products - specifically the NPM/NTA/SAM trifecta.

      Our company is global, and the popularity of the results and information we're getting with our Solarwinds rollout is creating some conversations about adding EMEA and Asia regions to our monitoring footprint.

      With this in mind, I got to thinking about adding region-specific pollers.

      My question is this - when you purchased your additional polling engines licensure, did you have to purchase said license for each of the products?

      I'm assuming so, but I wanted to make sure.

      I'd just ask for a quote, but it's too early in the game.

      Thank you, and apologies for any previous posts which I missed that possibly directly address this question.