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    Comparing Procurve config to a standard template?


      We are deploying a new network, and testing CatTools to see what it will do. We have about 150 Procurve 2620's as layer 2 edge switches that will be configured for the same purpose. I would like to compare each startup (or running) config to the standard template to ensure they've all been configured correctly. They should all match the template except for hostname, mgmt IP, and one VLAN. I would like to have a report just like "Device.Backup.Running Config" produces, except comparing to the device config to the standard template rather than the last backup.


      I tried using a "Report.Compare.Two files" activity, and in the "File 1" field I tried using the filename variables such as %AppPath%, %GroupName% and %DeviceName% to point to the lastest backup in the Configs folder. Since these variables only get resolved at activity initiation it doesn't work.


      Is there a way to accomplish this? I would have thought this was a prime target for that compare two files activity.