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    No IMAP/POP3, any work arounds ??




      I was hoping somebody could help me out with some ideas in regards to using alert central without IMAP or POP3. Like many environments our sys admins in charge of the email servers have disabled POP and IMAP access and only allow MAPI/RPC for exchange only. I have looked around here and have seen many people with the same issue but haven't seen anyone come up with a work around. I tried to get our team to enable IMAP but security issues were cited so I have to look for an alternative.


      I was thinking of maybe deploying a quick a simple email server like iRedMail but question the work to setup a whole mail server just for this product.


      Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions on how I can test this. And if any dev has an ETA on exchange support that would be great.