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    NPM Group Details Map




      i have a problem on NPM. In the Group Details page i want to insert a specific MAP created in Atlas but if i change this MAP, the others group members present in the group, display the same "mother" map, is it possible to customize the map for each single group?




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          brian lee

          The only way to do it at this point in time is to create unique group details pages.  At this point there does not appear to be a way to designate which group opens what group details page if multiple ones were created.  You can try playing with the View Limitations options but I am not completely sure that will do exactly what you want it to do or if you are willing to spend that much time experimenting.


          Another option is to create a series of maps and have them reference other maps instead of group views but it really depends on how exactly you want.  Basically it would be an interactive map that would open another map and you can organize it based on your network layout. 

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            I would like to see this feature as well. I can see the use of assigning a group level map (LAN) especially if the group is part of a larger group (WAN). Perhaps in the map feature have the option to assign the map to a group within Atlas or when customizing the page..ex. list of maps in Network Atlas appears and designate the map you want assigned at the group level. Just my 2 cents.

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              Please post your opinion on the feature request Also you can post a reply to this post. It seems similar.   



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                Please review this discussion - I believe it should help - Custom Map for Group Details Page